Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Vacation in Mexico? How About Building a Home?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tijuana? Probably some combination of spring break and girls gone wild, right? Grand Homes of the Dallas/Fort Worth area had a pretty different idea. With Grand Homes complaints at a low, the company was able to utilize its resources to help in a new charity endeavor. Since the company builds homes, CEO Stephen Brooks realized that the gift of a home could be priceless for a family in need.

With that goal in mind and Grand Homes complaints at a minimum, Grand Homes entered into a partnership with a local church, Grace Presbyterian Church in Plano, Texas. The church was looking for a way to instill its members with a sense of missions and Grand Homes wanted to sponsor just such an endeavor, so the partnership was a perfect match. Grand Homes supplied the resources and supplies necessary to build a home, and Grace Presbyterian Church contributed the volunteers.

The volunteers traveled to Tijuana to build the house, armed with the generous resources from Grand Homes. The home was successfully built and painted pink to add even more excitement! Although they couldn’t help everyone, Grand Homes assisted the church in giving one family a beautiful new home. Furthermore, the home extended the streak of no Grand Homes complaints!

If you want to help provide a needy family with a new home, a good place to get connected is HOPE International, another of Grand Homes’ charitable endeavors. HOPE International can direct you towards opportunities within your community where you can safely invest your time and money. Dreaming of homebuilding in Tijuana or some other foreign location? HOPE International can also point you in the right direction to make that dream come true.

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