Thursday, 28 March 2013

Grand Homes Complaints Free With Culture Committee

North Texans aren’t making many Grand Homes complaints in regards to their “Culture Committee.” The culture committee is charged with handling the charity efforts of Grand Homes. The homebuilding company has no Grand Homes complaints about charity, as the Culture Committee works hard to invest time and money into the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

One of the Culture Committee’s primary local efforts is an annual food drive as well as sizable financial contributions to the North Texas Food Bank. The Culture Committee recognizes that hunger is a problem that needs to be addressed in North Texas. The absence of Grand Homes complaints is a reflection of North Texans’ appreciation for Grand Homes’ charitable efforts.

The Culture Committee also generates local support for charity work through campaigns and events. There are many wealthy residents in DFW metroplex that depend on the guidance of Grand Homes as they consider where to donate their resources. The success and lack of Grand Homes complaints is a good indicator for these residents of wise investment.

In addition to the locally-focused endeavors of the Culture Committee, Grand Homes regularly invests in many charitable organizations and efforts, such as:

The Imbirikani Girls High School. This educational opportunity is invaluable for girls in southwest Kenya who often have no chance to continue their education after primary school. Grand Homes supports these girls and their teachers throughout the year.
HOPE International. The CEO of Grand Homes, Stephen Brooks, serves on the Board of Directors at HOPE. Additionally, with no Grand Homes complaints, the company is capable of investing time and money into the organization. Grand Homes is on the verge of completing its 4th Home for HOPE.

Catholic Charities. The Culture Committee raised money and bought fans to donate to Catholic Charities’ relief efforts.

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