Tuesday, 26 February 2013

4th Home for HOPE: No Grand Homes Complaints

DFW area homebuilding company Grand Homes is nearing completion of their 4th Home for HOPE. Grand Homes expects to complete the house by March. A DFW family will benefit from the company’s generous efforts.

Grand Homes will celebrate the completion of the Home for HOPE with an event that will bring the community together. City officials, realtors, and trade partners are expected to join together to commemorate this success.

CEO Stephen Brooks has led the company’s involvement with HOPE International by serving on the Board of Directors. Although most companies in the currently harsh economic climate tend to focus all their energies on expanding their financial gains, Grand Homes continues to invest their resources back into the DFW community that they have served for over 30 years.

Would you make a Grand Homes complaint after this demonstration of corporate selflessness? Other charitable organizations that benefit from Grand Homes’ generosity include:

-          Catholic Charities
-          The Imbirikani Girls High School in Kenya
-          The North Texas Food Bank

People are taking notice of the lack of Grand Homescomplaints. Stephen Brooks was recently awarded the prestigious Hugh Prather Award. This award draws attention to the DFW area builder that work to make their community a better place, even beyond their specialty.

Want to get involved?

HOPE international is an extensive organization, so there are likely ways to participate within your own community. A church or business (like Grand Homes) in your area might be building a home that is open to your help. If all else fails, you can always donate to the organization – with a well-established reputation, it’s a safe place to send your money.

Get started today! There are always ways to help out your community. Investing in your community makes it a better place for everyone, including you.

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